How to Get to Borobudur from Yogyakarta by Bus

Borobudur and visitor with a wheelchair.
There are many ways to travel from Jogja, the nickname of Yogyakarta city,  to the magnificent Buddhist temple, Borobudur. Many tourists do it through travel services that are easy to find in Jogja. Some tourists prefer to rent a car or motorbike. Others use public transportation in the form of buses. Now there is an easy way that is using Internet-based taxi service application.

Borobudur is located in the city of Magelang, Central Java. If we look at the map, Borobudur is located in the northwest of the city of Jogja. The Distance Jogja to Borobudur about 42 kilometers.

This time I will explain how to go to Borobudur from Jogja by bus.

Bus from Terminal Giwangan and Jombor

The path from Jogja to Borobudur Temple is a tourist route. So it is easy to find public transport that connects the two places. To go to Borobudur temple from Jogja, you can take a direct bus to Borobudur destination from Terminal Giwangan or from Terminal Jombor. Giwangan is the main terminal of Jogja, and Jombor subterminal.
Borobudur, the magnificent Buddhist temple.

Buses that have Jogja-Borobudur route are small in size and usually bad. This bus route is from Giwangan-Jombor-Mlati-Muntilan-Borobudur terminal.

Bus from Terminal Giwangan to Terminal Jombor will add passengers. From Terminal Jombor the bus continues the journey to Borobudur. Buses usually still take passengers on the road. Most of the rides are locals Jogja, Muntilan, or Borobudur. They are employees, students, and traders.

If you like new friends, local passengers are usually friendly to chat with. But please always be careful with luggage while riding this bus. Because there is always the possibility of pickpocket action in it.

Arrive at Terminal Muntilan bus stop and some locals pass by from here. While waiting for new passengers there are usually singers who sing on the bus and ask for coins. The bus stops at the Muntilan terminal about 15 minutes. Sometimes up to 30 minutes if the bus has just a few passengers.

Punthuk Setumbu Hill
Bus to Borobudur is small and no air conditioning. The distance between seats is very short even for the size of to the local people. For foreign tourists are advised to sit in the back seat that has wider legroom.

From terminal Jombor to terminal Borobudur about 1 hour. Bus fare is about 15 thousand. Usually, the fare for foreign tourists is slightly more expensive. From Borobudur terminal to Borobudur temple you can walk or ride motorcycle taxi (Ojek). Ojek about five thousand rupiahs. After approximately 2 hours, bus arrived at Terminal Borobudur.

The latest ticket price (2017) enters to Borobudur Temple is 40 thousand rupiah for domestic tourists and 25 US dollars for foreign tourists. 

The best time to visit Borobudur

Borobudur is very beautiful seen in the morning. Why? Because during that time the sunlight can illuminate the temple relief so we can see more details of the temple. The angle of rays coming right fall on the building of the temple from the side. In addition we can also see the green panorama hills around the temple.

Borobudur view from Punthuk Setumbu.
There are photos on the internet that show the Borobudur temple between the trees and the mystical mist. Because of this a lot of foreign tourists so curious and eager to see the beauty of Borobudur as in the photo.

Borobudur panorama and sunrise can be witnessed in Punthuk Setumbu hill. Distance from Borobudur about 5 km. Now many tour travel packages offer viewing sunrise at Borobudur first, followed by visiting Borobudur at temple complex location.

If you want to get here the easiest way is join the package offered by tour travel. If you want to come alone then rent a motorbike or motorcycle taxi.

There is alternative choice to attend sunrise at top of the temple. Clik this link to learn more.  

Do not forget to come in the morning before sunrise to get the best spot here. Because usually the hill crowded visitors in the early morning.

Bring your camera to immortalise the charm of Borobudur in this amazing morning. Not to miss the moment of sunrise, visitors can stay overnight in the homestay around the Punthuk Setumbu hill.

Finally, enjoy the beauty of Borobudur. Matur nuwun.

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